Fire Training

Fire Safety Training is an awareness program; it helps People to take quick actions on Emergency. Usually the fire will spread from once place to another in a fraction of second so in a work place each and every employee should know how to use the Fire Safety Products on emergency, Immediate Actions to be taken on Emergency, Communication to others about the Fire, Activating Fire Alarm, How to respond for fire alarm, Operating Fire Hydrants on Large Fire & how to evacuate during large fire. Based on this we will Conduct Training Program on Fire & Safety to various fields as per their Environment and about the risk of fire on that particular area.

We are working on the goal to create an “Emergency Response Team “in all sectors by providing regular training Programs so that they can easily handle the Emergency Situation without Huge Loss.

Annual Maintenance Contract ( AMC )

As Like Placing Fire Fighting Equipments, Maintenance is much important. On certain duration it should be maintained regularly to use it on emergency, if not maintained properly it definitely won’t be helpful on right time.

  • It Reduces the Risk of Failure of Equipment while using it.
  • It saves the Investment done on Fire Fighting System.
  • It Extends the Life of Fire safety Products.

Monthly, Quarterly & Half yearly services were carried out by our team to ensure proper functioning of Fire fighting Products. Finally after all the checking process, the fire fighting equipment status will be reported to concern authorities.

Fire License

Issuing Fire License and Renewal of the same are governed and regulated by State Governments.

In Tamilnadu, Fire License is required for various types of business mentioned in the Tamilnadu Fire Service Rules, in addition to the mandatory requirement.

Apart from Fire Safety Products & Projects we also Support getting Fire License from Government of Tamil Nadu if all the mandatory requirements were fulfilled as per norms and can be processed after inspection by concern Authorities.


After Placing the Fire Extinguisher it is to be checked regularly and once it reaching the Expiry date it must be refilled before the Particular date to avoid risk.

We are providing refilling services for all types of Fire Extinguisher such as Portable Stored Pressure Type, Cartridge Type, Automatic Modular Type, Trolley Type using agents like ABC Dry Powder, DCP, CO2, FOAM, WATER, CLEAN AGENT, Etc.,

As the First Process we will empty and clean the fire extinguisher, testing the valve assembly and other spares and filling the appropriate agent (Fresh), pressured with 15bar and the fire extinguisher will be water tested to identify the body leakage. Damaged spares will be replaced.